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Haemorrhage control and the use of haemostatic Gauze

Haemorrhage control and the use of haemostats Gauze course is available in two formats.  The first is the standard ProTrainings Qualification from our national network of instructors and the second from Celox Academy Instructors and this course is approved by Celox and certified through the Celox academy.  The course formats and learning outcomes are the same in both cases.

  • Forestry 
  • Instructors
  • Medical professionals
  • Nursing
  • Vets
  • High-risk workplaces
  • Military

This course comes with 3.0 hours of CPD, although the time to complete the course online may be less than this.

The content of this and all our courses has been independently certified as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development (CPD) guidelines and come with a Certified CPD Statement as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and for online courses an Evidence Based Learning statement.

  • Introduction
  • Haemorrhage control
  • Haemostatic Gauze
  • First Aid Plus Student Manual Version V7.0 - 2015 guidelines with ERC first aid changes
  • Adult CPR Flowchart
  • Adult CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • Celox haemostatic leaflet
  • Celox leaflet on haeostatic dressings
  • Child CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • Dechoker Leaflet - for emergency choking treatment
  • First Responder Care Essentials Book on Amazon
  • Free student first aid program leaflet
  • How to register to call EMS by text
  • How to use Celox A
  • How to use Celox Haemstatic gauze
  • How to use Celox granules
  • How to use the Dechoker in emergency choking treatment poster
  • Infant CPR Flowchart handout/poster
  • Link to our Concussion ad Brain injury course in association with Headway, a head injury charity
  • Personal Medical Information Sheet