Aqueos Spray Plaster for all pets and animals

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Aqueos Spray Plaster for all pets and animals

**PATS Best New Product Award - March 2015**

An essential for any animal lover or professionals first aid box

Protects minor cuts and grazes from dirt, water and bacteria
Film forming silver aluminium micronized spray
Bandage like protection
Reduces the risk of infection
Aids the natural healing process
Remains elastic and permeable to air
Excellent adhesive properties
Easy to apply on awkward areas
Stays in place while wound heals
Lasts for several days
Will protect horses from mud fever, ideal for post castration or post de-horning, good all round product for smallholders.

Celia Jones
'Zep the 18 month old boxer sustained an incision between his toes on his near side front whilst out on a walk, once this had been bathed the Aqueos Spray Plaster was applied, this is a revolutionary product for such injuries especially on paws as the area needed to be kept free of infection, the Aqueos Spray Plaster remained visible for 3 days after application, Zep was able to continue with his normal activities, which for a young dog was essential for everyone’s sanity! The wound healed with no further complications. In addition I did not have the worry of infection or having to bandage the paw. I will definitely use this product in the future, it is a must for my first aid cupboard'

* * * * *
Sophie Holland
Perfect for areas that are impossible to bandage, keeps wounds clean and doesn't just rub straight off. I first used it to treat fly damage on my horse last the summer, he was able to stay turned out as it was covered and it also cleared up quickly. I highly recommend this product as a first aid must have!

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